The story behind

Wild West Winches was started by Jasper Stas. His first model ended up being a reliable partner for the Winching Dutchmen. A few years later Niels and Sarmad (Moody) took over. With there first model: The Urban Warrior, they took the old in to the new. More power, smaller, and some extra's to make it even more user-friendly. With big things to come, Wild West Winches will always deliver on their promises.


Moody did most and has seen the rest of it. Spending his spare-time on a board, working as an engineer and living life as an infant on the playground; the perfect combination to build the perfect winch.

Niels Pilgram

As a long time snowboard and wakeboard enthousiast, Niels knows what's going on in the industries. He uses his experience to always think forward, trying to create al the right tools to enable riders to bring the next best thing in to the world.

The Winching Dutchmen

What started off as just a bunch of guys being tired of waiting lines at the cable, way to expensive boat rides and now where to go on the first or the last good days of the year. When wakeboarding becomes all of your spare time in summer, it's hard to having nothing to do over winter. Until one of them bought a winch. It started with a backyard rail. Now they are one of the leading groups in testing en development of winches and accessories.