Rent A winch

Having a party, event or did you always wanted to hit that one spot? Rent a winch! Our winches are easy to set-up and there to get you your unforgettable experience. 

How does it work?

Contact us

Let us know when you would like to rent a winch. Inform us about the location(s) you want to use at. Tell us if you are coming to pick it up or if we should deliver it for you on location.



During the hand of you'll get a full instruction of the machine. We'll tell you all the do's and don'ts.

What do you get?

- The Wild West Winches Urban Warrior
- A full tank of gasoline, good for at least a full day of winching
- tools to set your winch up

What does it cost?
Renting the Wild West Winches Urban Warrior will costs €150,- a day. For delivering we charge €0,30 a kilometer, for picking it back up it will cost you the same. For rentals further the 100 km from pick up location, the price will be later determined.

Pick-up Locations

Wild West Winches

Maasdijkseweg 103

2291 PJ Wateringen


Telephone: +31614809880

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